Built around good communication.

Morris makes team and client feedback simple by creating a data-driven tasks for straightforward communication. Why complicate the process? Simple feedback should be, well...simple.

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How does Morris help your team?

Improved communication
No more guessing what a client is talking about, or redundant tasks. You and your clients will be able to see what tasks have already been discussed and assigned.
Increased productivity
Turn feedback into data driven, straightforward tasks. Morris maps the actions of the user and collects the data your team needs to be effective.
Less frustration
No more sifting through emails and piecemealed feedback. Morris takes the confusing and frustrating and creates a single source of truth that you can rely on.
Better Communication
Gone are the days where you have to piece together emails, PDF’s, written notes, and conflicting feedback.

With Morris you have one task, and one source of truth.
Simplicity is key

Straightforward user experience

Easy for all levels of users

Real time feedback

Information is thoughtfully displayed

Single source of infromation

Nothing to install or download

Advanced notifications

Stress-free communication