Creating Tasks

Morris is all built around tasks. They are used to collect feedback that is visible to all stakeholders and collaborators, all in one place. You can create tasks in Morris once the plugin is installed on your website. 

Morris utilizes 3 different task types to help you organize and assign tasks appropriately. 

  1. Layout tasks
    • For your creative and development teams. Built to support design and UX/UI tasks.
  2. Content tasks
    • For your creative team. Built to manage text and images on your website.
  3. Issue tasks
    • For your development team. Built to designate errors and bugs.

Desktop tasks

To start creating a task, on the Desktop version of the plugin, simply click one of the three task types above the “M” button. The task button will then be highlighted and will be the only icon displayed above the “M” button.

If you selected a Layout or Issue task you will now see a highlight around each section of your website that you hover over. When you are hovering over the area that is in question simply click and hold your mouse button over the area (alternatively you can ctrl+click).

After clicking and holding a new popup will appear around the area you selected. The gray box allows you to enter text that describes this task.

Once you have described your task click “Send”, or press enter, to complete the creation process. Morris will then automatically attach screenshots and alert any users that are relevant to this task.

If you selected the Content task you have two different ways to select areas of the website. You can highlight text on the page, or you click and hold your mouse down over an image. This allows you to select text and have it the focus point of the task. Great for misspelled words or if you need to alert someone to change marketing terms/imagery!

Mobile tasks

The mobile version of the plugin is very similar to the desktop version, minus how you start creating a task and how you select an area on the page. To start creating a task on a mobile device simply press and hold your finger on the “M” button, then drag your finger on the task you want to create.

After selecting the task you want to create you can then “pre-select” an area on the page by tapping on any area. An outline will appear on the area that you tapped on. If you are happy with your selection double tap the selected area to confirm and the task creation popup will appear. For content tasks you can just highlight text on the page as you would on your mobile device of preference. Usually by pressing and holding over an area of text. 


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