Tasks are Morris’ way of helping you keep track of, and organize, important feedback from your team. Tasks are used to collect feedback that is visible to stakeholders and collaborators alike, all in one simple place. Combined with communication and data collection features, tasks help you get work done faster and with less headaches.

Task Types

Morris utilizes 3 different task types to help you organize and assign tasks appropriately. 

  1. Layout tasks
    1. For your creative and development teams. Built to support design and UX/UI tasks.
  2. Content tasks
    1. For your creative team. Built to manage text and images on your website.
  3. Issue tasks
    1. For your development team. Built to designate errors and bugs.

Task Features

  • Mentions and assignments
    • On tasks you can mention people using a social media like way by using the ‘@’ symbol. Once you type the ‘@’ Morris will bring up a search menu to help you complete your mention.
    • You can also use this method to assign users to a task. Once you’ve mentioned them a checkbox will appear with the ability to assign the mentioned user.
  • Comments
    • Every user has the ability to comment on tasks. This is the main way to communicate back and forth with the rest of the team. Mentioning is also available on comments
  • Screenshots
    • Every task will automatically take 2 screenshots upon creation, a focused and a full screenshot. Use these screenshots to help better understand what the current task is about. This keeps the conversation with the team on track. Users have to install nothing for this to happen, we take care of it automatically!
  • File uploads
    • On each task and comment you have the ability to upload file sizes up to 5MB in size. This way you can send design files, documents, or icons to your team all within Morris. If you would like to see this increase please reach out to us using our contact form.
  • Mark as important
    • Tasks also can be marked as important so that team members can act quickly on tasks that are more urgent than others.
  • Private
    • Private tasks are tasks that are only visible to team members. Guests will not be able to create private tasks, nor view them.
  • Error logs
    • Client error logs are also recorded automatically and a list of these logs are available with every task. You can find this under the “Advanced” view.
  • Data collection
    • On task creation Morris also records a large amount of data about the moment it was captured. This includes what browser they were using, what device, what os, the screen size and window size, the url, and element they selected.

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