Creating a Project

There are three steps when creating a new project.

  1. Entering project details
  2. Installing the Morris script
  3. Inviting/adding users to the project

To begin creating a project, click the “+” icon on the “Projects” page to get started. This will bring you to the “Create a new project” page.

Once on the “Create a new project” page. Simply enter in your Project Name and the domain, or subdomain, that you wish to install this project on (ex: or If you wish to use localhost or an IP address you can. Morris works on your live and local versions of websites. Then if you are on a team use the dropdown menu to select what team you want the project to belong to. Click the “Let’s go” button when you are ready to move on.


Installing Morris

Installing Morris is a straightforward and easy task. You simply take the Javascript tag that we provide you and place it in the <head></head> tag of your website. If you are a project manager or stakeholder and are unsure how to change the head tag on your website, send the script to your developer with the instruction of where to install it. Once the script is on your website, simply visit your website and refresh the page. The Morris plugin will appear for you! Now that it is installed go back to the Morris dashboard and the status bar in instruction 3 will now say Verified. Your project is now ready and you can start adding users. 

Only logged in users will be able to see the Morris plugin. If you would like to display the plugin to everyone, so that they can remotely login to Morris from the plugin, check out the “Remote login” setting on projects.


Troubleshooting the install

If the plugin is not appearing on the website that you installed the script on there are a few things that you can check to make sure that it is installed correctly. 

  1. You MUST be logged into Morris for the plugin to appear and be verified. So if you are using a private tab, or a different browser to check the verification, make sure you are logged in to Morris on that browser. 
  2. Make sure that the domain name on the first instruction on the “Let’s do this” step matches the website that you are installing it on. If you are using a subdomain that must also match.
  3. Ensure that the id tag towards the end of the script matches what is currently being displayed on the “Let’s do this” step.
  4. If you are still having issues with the install please feel free to contact us by using our contact form. We will be able to help you get started properly!

Finding your install script

If you lost your script, or you aren’t sure where to find the install script for your project, it is in the “Settings” page for your Project. You can find the settings page by visiting your project page and clicking on the “Gear” icon next to your project’s name.

The install code will be at the bottom of the settings page. If the code is not visible to you, this means that you are not the project creator or you do not have permission to view the install code. Please ask the project creator or a team administrator to get the install code.