A project is the way you link a website to Morris. Projects contain management settings, sharing abilities, and the task board. By creating a project you link and install Morris to a specific website/domain. Then after Morris verifies the install any task created on that website is then added to the project where you can filter and search on the task board for any tasks on that project.

The task board

The task board is where you go to see an overview of all your tasks. On the first page you have the ability to immediately filter to a specific webpage or to view all tasks. On the Tasks page you then are given multiple filtering options to find the tasks that are important to you.

  1. Status filter
    1. Allows you to filter by Open, Resolved, or Important tasks
  2. Task filter
    1. Allows you to filter by a specific task type
  3. Assignment filters
    1. Filters down tasks to specific assignments. For example you can choose to view only the tasks assigned to you.
  4. Page filters
    1. You can filter down to specific pages, much like the first task board page.

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