Product Updates

December 2020

New Jira Integration

Morris now integrates natively with Jira! If you use Jira you can go and check it out now by enabling the integration in your project settings.

Choose the location of the Morris plugin

In your project settings we now allow users to determine the location of the plugin. No longer must it be locked to the bottom-right corner of your webpage. You can now have it be along any of the corners as well as in the center on the bottom. This should allow everyone to work around design limitations or to get Morris out of the way of other plugins.

Including screenshots with comments

When creating a comment on the plugin we now allow users to include a screenshot with a comment! This way you don’t have to ask users to manually screenshot again after changes have been made. 

Other bug fixes

Various other fixes were implemented in this release as well, mainly stability and performance related. Morris now runs smoother and better than ever!