Product Updates

March 2020

Task hover overs on plugin

Ever wondered what that task was on your page but didn’t want to have to open it just to see what it’s description was? Well you no longer have to! We added a nifty hover over that lets you preview task information without even having to click on it.

Basecamp3 Integration

We have now fully integrated Basecamp3 into Morris. The setup process is just as easy as it is with Trello, and once it is setup it is a FULL 2-way sync between the Morris platform and Basecamp3. New tasks will then be added to a “to-do” list within your Basecamp3 project, it really is super easy to set up. We will continue to add more integrations in the future. If you have any integration requests please let us know!

Safari default blocking 3rd Party Cookies

Previously Morris worked by only verifying active logins using 3rd party cookies. We understand that 3rd party cookies are a privacy concern to many users out there and we realized that as more browsers are poised to remove 3rd party cookie support by default we needed to make some changes. So we created a new method that does not 100% rely on 3rd party cookies. Now when using a browser that disables cookies, or if you have cookies disabled,  you must click the “Visit Site” buttons across our Task Board to be auto-logged in to the site in which you are providing feedback. Alternatively you can also enable “Remote Login” in your project settings so that you can login using the Morris plugin.
If you choose to keep 3rd party cookies enabled, or if you are using a browser that has them on by default, these changes will not affect you and you can continue to use Morris like normal.