Product Updates

July 2020

Important tasks

This was a very requested feature for our platform and we listened to you! Tasks can now be marked as important by clicking the star button on any task. This is both on the plugin and the task board. We also added a bunch of filters to better help you find important tasks quicker. We also now sort the task list by important by default! 

Auto-updating page screenshots

In the task board, page and project screenshots were originally only taken the first time that page appeared to the Morris plugin. Now we will update that page screenshot every few days so that pages that were once blank/broken will start to look more recent and accurate!

Clickable links in comments

When you paste a link into a comment, or task description, we will automatically detect it and make it clickable.

No more overlapping tasks

^ exactly what is said above. We no longer have tasks that overlap on pages. Now your tasks will stack so that you can accurately click, or hover over, them to get access!

New filter design on plugin

We updated our plugin filters to better reflect the task board. Now the filters will be more accessible and visible when opening the Morris plugins menu. Oh and the plugin filters will stay enabled across page changes/reloads!