Our Jira integration includes all the features you need to use Jira as your main project management tool. Morris will create to-dos, complete to-dos, add comments, and even add attachments for you automatically! This way all your information in Morris and Jira are 2-way synced and always have the same information between the two. This even means that comments you add in Jira will appear in Morris as well!


Setup Process

  • A Jira account

Under each projects settings is a switchable option to turn on our Jira integration. Click the switch to turn the integration on and start the setup process.


Step 1: Enter your Jira Host

This should look like the following: “”. Continue onto the next step after entering your host.


Step 2: Follow the directions to install the Jira App

Please go to the Atlassian Marketplace and install the Morris application


Step 3: Choose a project

Simply click on the project that you want your tasks to appear in. (If you have no projects on this account please add one and refresh the Morris setup page.)


Step 4: Confirm your settings

Now that everything is ready to go, please double check that you picked the correct account and project (you can come back and edit these later if needed). If all is well click the blue “Save” button to complete the setup.


Your project is now integrated with Jira! Morris will take care of the rest. If you run into any problems or have any questions about the integration please feel free to contact us.